this is

the wrong degree show

an online exhibition to showcase degree shows by graduating art students of schools and universities around the world

due to the tumultuous and challenging times, the opening has been posponed in respect to all sensibilities and to generate some room for reflection

the wrong degree show opens online from june july 2oth to december 2oth, 2o2o

featuring degree shows by students at bath spa university, falmouth university, konstfack - university of arts, crafts and design, staffordshire university, university of denver, bolton school of the arts, university of sunderland, university of leeds, new york university - tisch school of the arts, virginia tech school of visual arts, hochschule luzern - design & kunst, william paterson university, universidad autónoma metropolitana, rensselaer polytechnic institute, vancouver island university, stevens institute of technology

if you want to have your degree show featured, please follow the open call guidelines below


please read
open call

to art department representatives, teachers and/or students acting as degree show organisers at universities, art schools and colleges. join and submit your graduate’s degree shows online  


please read


create a concept and a name for your class’ degree show, and if needed, register a dedicated domain, create a website, and host it. the domain name should represent the title of the degree show

the name of your degree show cannot include “wrong” nor special characters or gliphs. you cannot name your degree show after yourself or your university. give it a title that represents the vibe of your degree show

create a dedicated link in any online format, website, or any social media platform (instagram, facebook, twitch, zoom, etc), to host the final art projects by students graduating in 2o2o

select and display the student’s artworks in a respectful manner. there will be no censorship, but if your degree show will host +18 or adult oriented content, please make clear notice at the online entrance


please note the deadlines

from april 2oth,2o2o to december 2oth,2o2o

submit your show︎
including show title, short text blurb about the show, name of degree show organiser, domain link to access degree show online, name of university and location, and full names list of students participating. you can join while the show is ongoing, and until the last day

june july 2oth,2o2o

online opening of the wrong degree show website, as a work in progress, announcing all the selected degree shows, showcasing the shows available and announcing the upcoming show openings

from june july 2oth,2o2o to december 2oth,2o2o

opening of your degree show
participating shows are free to choose the opening date

december 2oth,2o2o

closing of the wrong degree show
participating shows are free to choose a closing date. the wrong degree show webpage will close on sunday, december 2oth,2o2o at 2oh madrid time  



all updates and announcements will be published in this website

we kindly ask your institution for a conscious donation︎ (name your price) to help cover the costs of organizing and promoting this project

if you have many doubts and questions, please send an email︎

for a quick one you can always contact via messenger︎

be ready 
here we come 

david quiles guilló
the wrong︎

this is

the wrong degree show

showcasing the art of 2o2o graduates from universities and schools around the world